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Webflow is a revolutionary platform that empowers designers and developers to build responsive websites visually. It combines the power of code with a visual interface, allowing for custom designs without writing a single line.

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What is Webflow?

Webflow isn't just another web design tool  it's a revolution. Think of it as the sweet spot between hardcore coding and simple drag-and-drop platforms. Webflow lets you harness the power of coding without actually writing a single line. It's like having a trusty sidekick that writes beautiful, efficient code for you. Perfect for both designers, like me, who understand code but prefer a more visual approach, and for those who get the jitters even thinking about HTML tags.

How Can I Use the Functionality of Webflow?

Whether you’re crafting a unique portfolio to showcase your brilliant designs or building a marketing website that paints a vivid picture of a product or service, Webflow has got you covered. And the best part? You start from a blank canvas. No more being confined to restrictive templates or components. Your imagination sets the limit.

Can I Create a Website for Selling Products with Webflow?

Absolutely! While Webflow shines for marketing and content sites, it also has a native e-commerce solution. It's ideal for small boutiques or individual sellers.

Does Webflow Support Additional Extensions?

Here’s where Webflow truly shines. It's like a Lego set for web designers. You can extend its capabilities using custom code, integrate third-party solutions, or even clone design assets shared by the generous Webflow community. And if you hit a roadblock? Remember, with Webflow, there's always a way to push the envelope further, even if it means calling in a developer for some heavy lifting.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Webflow and Why?

Custom Design Freedom: No more template restrictions. Your design, your rules.
Efficiency: Style components once and reuse them. Time is money, after all!
Community & Shared Assets: Borrow and build on top of assets shared by fellow designers.
Advanced Interactions: Create award-winning animations and interactions effortlessly.
Extendability: Add custom code or integrate third-party solutions with ease.

Key Features:

  • Visual Canvas: Webflow offers a completely visual canvas, enabling users to manipulate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without writing code.
  • Rapid Deployment: Build, launch, and update sites swiftly, aligning with the pace of your business.
  • Customization: Think beyond templates. Design custom sites with full control over the user experience.
  • Cost Efficiency: Harness the power of code without incurring the costs of hiring developers or managing infrastructure.
  • Animations & Interactions: Design intricate animations, including scroll-based and multi-step interactions, without delving into code.
  • CMS Integration: Pull live content from Webflow's robust CMS into any page and manage it over time using Webflow's Editor.
  • Publishing Options: Publish directly to the web or export clean, semantic code for production.

Pricing Plans:

  • Starter (Site Plan): Free, ideal for learning Webflow. It includes a domain, 50 CMS items, and 1 GB bandwidth.
  • Basic (Site Plan): $14/month (billed yearly), suitable for launching a simple site. Features include a custom domain, 0 CMS items, and 50 GB bandwidth.
  • CMS (Site Plan): $23/month (billed yearly), best for blogs or content-driven sites. It offers a custom domain, 2,000 CMS items, and 200 GB bandwidth.
  • Business (Site Plan): $39/month (billed yearly), designed for high-traffic marketing sites. It provides a custom domain, 10,000 CMS items, and 400 GB bandwidth.
  • Enterprise (Site Plan): Custom pricing, tailored for large-scale operations with advanced security and scalability needs.
  • Workspace Plans: Ranging from the free "Starter" plan to the custom-priced "Enterprise" plan, these are designed for collaboration, with features varying based on the size and needs of the team.

Pricing & Plans


0 $

Per user/per month

Get Started
Plan include:
  • domain
  • An entry-level site
  • 2 pages
  • 50 CMS items
  • 50 form submissions (lifetime)
  • Limited traffic
  • 1 GB bandwidth
  • 1k visitors



Per user/per month

Get Started
Plan include:
  • Custom domain
  • A basic site
  • 150 pages
  • 0 CMS items
  • 500 form submissions (monthly)
  • Moderate traffic
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • 250k visitors



Per user/per month

Get Started
Plan include:
  • Custom domain
  • A content-rich site
  • 150 pages
  • 2k CMS items
  • 1k form submissions (monthly)
  • 3 Content editors
  • Site search
  • Generous traffic
  • 200 GB bandwidth
  • 250k visitors

Official Screenshots

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